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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ant attack means Gardenburger

Today my DH and I came home to find an ANT ATTACK. The kitchen counters, sink, cabinets, stove everything crawling. All for an oatmeal pan in the sink from this morning. Good Grief, Charlie Brown. DH took care of the little dudes and I went to cleaning up the mess. Once done, I was too fed up to care about cooking. This qualifies as an emergency!!

Ok, I don't usually use many processed faux meats, but they are in the freezer for a quick meal or emergency. I have fallen in love with the Gardenburger Vegan Chikn patties. (NOT ALL GARDENBURGER PRODUCTS ARE VEGAN) Not for the taste or texture of chicken, which really grosses me out, but because they are good and I don't think they are anything like chicken. A couple weeks ago I came across a new product from Gardenburger. They are breaded cutlets and they are vegan. So I bought some and stuck them in the freezer. This was the perfect time to try them out. I had some leftover spaghetti sauce and some FYH mozzarella cheese. Sounds good to me. I plopped those "cutlets" into the broiler, topped them with sauce and cheese and YUMO! My DH said they taste like Chicken Parmesan. I don't know since I have never had it, but it was a delicious dinner. I added some cooked carrots purple and orange. Emergency is over and tomorrow I am making some chili and muffins. Enjoy everyone!

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