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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Brandie is married!

Hi everyone!
First let me tell each and everyone of you "THANK YOU" for you kind words of love and encouragement as I went and am going through my empty nest syndrome. The day of the wedding was emotional and full of joy. The morning began with me walking out into the kitchen at 6am to find Brandie sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor rubbing Joshua. I started to cry knowing this was the last time she would wake up in our home and play with our fur baby. Then dad came out and the two of them were hugging in the kitchen and more tears followed. I know, I am a sap. In fact our whole family are saps, but that is ok because tears are cleansing those tear ducts of ours. I can't wait to get the photo's from the professional, but until the couple I took with my digital will have to do. I will give more details in a week or so, but I have a really busy schedule today. I just needed to touch base with everyone and say hi and thanks for checking in on me. I hope this coming month will be an eventful cooking one and blogging one. I miss all of you and I miss my kitchen! Love to all of you.

Brandie and her flower girl Krysta
What a happy bride!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Crunch time and missing all of you

Hi everyone,

First I want to tell everyone that I am alive. Thank you to all of those who have sent me kind words and concern since I have been only partly here. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be the emotional wreck that I am with our baby girl getting married. She went away to college, she moved out and has lived on her own, so why is this hitting me so hard? We have come to the conclusion that all the other times she would or could come back home, but marriage this is final or should be. She is not coming home again. I guess that might be the reason. Please don't get me wrong. Her father and I are so excited, happy, and overjoyed with the wonderful man she is marrying and look forward to her new life, but then the other part of us both feel the apron strings being untied ever so slowly. We are truly blessed to have had her home with us for the past year and are grateful. Needless to say this is why I have not posted.

Food has been mostly leftovers with the exception of a few meals I have tested for Melody and Julie, which were fantastic, but in my state of ahhhhhhh I deleted the photos I took. Oh, darn I will have to make another fantastic pie (Julie's recipe) and cream cheese and burgers from Melody. I promise to post pictures and tell everyone how the wedding went. It is crunch time. The wedding is in 5 days. This Saturday our baby girl will start her new adventure in life as her dad and I will. I miss reading all your posts and miss you visiting me. So don't give up on me I will be back in a week or so. Until then keep posting all your tasty meals so I can keep myself busy catching up.

((((hugs to all))))