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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 5 "Vegan Diner" Roast by Julie Hasson


Hi everyone! I can't believe how long it has taken me to find my blog and repair it. You see I went in and thought I would try a new template. Picked one, loved one, and couldn't find how to post a new entry. What in the world? It has taken me 5 days, but I finally found how to revert back to the old basic one at last. I know it has been a year since I posted, but due to accident, injuries, big move to Texas, unpacking, and getting on with life as much as one can when in such pain I am finally back. 

So onto what y'all came to see, Vegan Roast by Julie Hasson from her new book "Vegan Diner"!

Do you love comfort food? Do you enjoy cooking with ease and simple ingredients? This is the book for you. Julie is an amazing vegan cook with awesome recipes, ideas, and helps.

Slow cooker goodness! With amazing taste, texture, and ease this is a perfect roast to make and use all week long for lunches, dinners, and snacks!

Taking 6 weeks to unpack and set up our home I finally found the crockpot and made me some comfort food. Roast, green beans, red potatoes, and yummy green salad with quick and easy thousand island dressing. The perfect meal to celebrate my 5 year Vegan anniversary!!!

Now run to your nearest book store or order "Vegan Diner" online, dig out that slow cooker and make you and your family some delicious comfort food!