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Saturday, September 5, 2009

My behind is getting kicked big time!

Hi everyone! Yes, I am still alive. Nothing like being kicked in the behind twice. Not only is the heat kicking our behinds so is school. I have put off taking Statistics far to long. Someday I want to proudly walk with my cap and gown on, but statistics is just one of the many horrors I must endure to make my dream come true. Well, the time is now or at least I thought it was. Quit hiding from your fears I told myself. Hmmm, Did I speak to soon? Thank God, I have a great professor, tutor, and the never-ending support from my best friend, DH! I have two tests coming up next week and I told him starting Saturday Morning until Tuesday morning I will be hiding out in a cave, which means FEND FOR YOURSELF! He is so ok with that. Encouraging me all the way!!! On a better note, I also am taking a Nutrition class, which I love, even though there are some things I differ on. OK, to be honest quite a few, but it is ok. Learn, apply what I believe, do the work and feel proud. I took my second quiz in the class yesterday and got an A+ yeepee!!! And finally DH and I are taking a deep water aerobics class together. It is fun to be in the class together. So that is my SCHOOL news. Now onto some quick food porn!

Yep, nooch craziness with veggies, hummus, and biscuits!

I love this time of year, fresh fruit is so good and a side of
Julie's sausages isn't too bad either.

My dehydrator has been working again.
Flax crackers and kale chips with a noochie sauce. They are good,
but the veins are a bit hard to chew. I think maybe collards would be better.

Now off to my calculator and a math book. Wish me luck in my cave.
Hugs to all