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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Finally on the mend and chickpea patties!

Hi everyone! First, thank you all for your kind thoughts and concern. I hope I never have to go through anything like that again. I am still cautious, but as you can see my meal has evolved from cream of anything to something I can sink my teeth into. Our Library finally got V-con in and I was the first to check out the copy. I love the chickpea patties. I know the picture is lousy since me and my iron skillet had issues, but it did not change the taste of these yummies! I also made the herb potatoes, which are similar to scalloped potatoes. They are easy and take no time at all. Lots of wonderful spices. DH love them. OH, the chickpea patties are even better the next day. I will cherish this recipe.

Update on Brandie. She has 5 weeks to go. Her baby shower was yesterday and it was nice. Sadly to many people were not able to make it, but we enjoyed. She has been having some labor warm ups, which back in the day we called them Braxton Hicks. The midwife told her to keep an eye on them because if she goes into full labor in the next 9 days she can't birth at the birthing center. They consider her premature before then. They are not consistent so that is good. We are praying for no labor for the next 10 days just to be sure. She so badly wants a natural water birth.
I promise more yummy food now that I can eat.
Hugs to all!