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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

First off I would like to say, "Happy St. Patrick's Day" to all of you in blogland! Although it is a very special day to many of you, to me and my sweetie it is our own special day, our wedding anniversary. Yes, we got married on St. Patrick's Day, and no I did not wear green. :o) That is usually the first question. Actually we are old married folks and browns and creams were the big colors of the day. Seems very odd now, but it was way cool back in the day. Hey back in the day was great, we paid $6.00 for our marriage license!

Here we are 32 years ago, the happy couple!!

And here we are today! Even though are looks have changed, the love just keeps on growing. We are still that happy couple. My sweetheart told me he is shooting for at least another 32 years! My thoughts, which I verbalized, "It's for eternity sweetheart"! Oh, yeah! :o

Off to spend a very mushy day together!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rough few weeks, but comfort food helped!

Hey everyone, I am alive and hoping to be on the mend. Some how a UTI found me and has caused me havoc and pain over the last couple weeks. I did my best to go the natural way, by using herbs, homeopathic meds, and chiropractor, but after 7 days of peeing razor blades it was time for a call to my medical doctor. Sure enough, a UTI, which I knew already. Well I have been on the meds for 3 days and I am seeing some improvement. Granted me and AZO have a very tight relationship. Ladies if you ever get one of these nasty infections get your AZO right away. I have also increased my intake of cranberry and blueberry juice to help keep those nasty bacterias away. So enough of the painful whining and onto a new vegan blogger I found and one of his tasty recipes.

Check out Josh's vegan blog. His recipes sound great. I tried his Mock Swiss steak and thought I was in Heaven with the tomato gravy type sauce served over brown rice. The steaks have a wonderful texture. He says it serves 2, but I made mine to serve 4 and it was plenty. Enjoy my friends.
Thanks Josh for an awesome recipe!!!