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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Beet Carrot Cake with Tofu Cream Cheese Frosting

Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I wanted to make a dessert for our New Years Eve celebration. And here it is. It is Beet Carrot Cake from Susan's site, I made it in a pan my mom gave me. The recipe called for a non-stick cake pan, uh I don't own one. It was like magic I opened my cupboard to see what I might use and there was a funny looking pan my mom gave me. It has a design in the bottom of it. It looks like a flower with 12 petals. Anyway it is non-stick so I gave it a try. Awesome! It worked great. I had about 4oz of tofutti cream cheese, the new one with no transfats, so I made a half batch of Tofu Cream Cheese' Frosting using a recipe from the Vegan Chef. You can't even
tell it isn't real cream cheese frosting. I adapted it to what I had on hand. Her recipe calls for vanilla and almond extract. My version only has vanilla extract.

I also tried to make it look fun by using the Christmas Cake pedistal my mom gave me. Thanks mom! I am having so much fun and my dear honey is so supportive. Thank you, yogi!

As you can see I couldn't wait until tonight to try it. My sweetheart took a bite and had that look in his eyes, hmmm what is that taste? I finally confessed and told him I had snuck a beet into his Carrot Cake. With a little added frosting he figured it would be ok. After that we we put it away to make sure we had dessert for New Years Eve. The plate in the picture belonged to my Grandma Hill. I was just given them a couple of weeks ago by my mom. Thank you Grandma and Mom. This piece is for you Grandma! I will close for now and wish everyone a wonderful HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Anonymous said...

I did try mom's carrot cake (I LOOOOVE carrot cake), but alas, there was just something in there I didn't like at ALL!! Mom says it was the beet. Maybe she'll have to try it again and NO BEET! ;o) I will taste it again if she does......

Linda said...

That cake looks lovely!!! And you really don't need all that icing to get the flavor, and you were able to create such a fabulous design. Great job and happy late new year!