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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Calling all seitan makers!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I have been having a hard time focusing on much these days. To much going on. My back won't quit giving me grief, which in turn makes me miserable, and I get in a rut and don't want to do anything since I hurt. So that is why I have been invisible to everyone. I did cook this weekend, but have not been able to get the pics posted. I hope I will be able to get to it tonight. DH has school so I am alone on this LOVE day, but we are going to celebrate on Friday. I am desperate to make some seitan. All of my attempts have been complete failures. I am posting an all out cry for help!. Please if you have a successful recipe can you please link me to a post, send me the recipe, or attach it to your visit. I am sure this is just me and it really can't be that difficult. I bought more wheat gluten to make it, but want a tried and true before I yet waste some more ingredients. Also does anyone know where to get vegan beef bouillon? Thanks everyone for coming to my rescue. I hope I can help someone out too some day!


Dori said...

Here's a link to one of my previous posts. The recipe is linked in the post:


Here's another:

And another:

Last one (but I do have more posts on seitan) these are just the ones I found first:

aTxVegn said...

Do you have the Real Food Daily cookbook? Their seitan recipe, like someone said to me, is stupid easy. No fail, no rinsing or boiling, and delicious. I'll email you the recipe if you don't have the book.

I'm so sorry you're still having back troubles.

Sheree' said...

Atxvegn- Thanks! I am going to the library today so I will check and see if they have that book,

Dori- Thank you for our links. I am off to check them out!

Sheree' said...

Atxvegn - I just got home from the library and they had the book. I have it for the next 3 weeks.

Dori - I have printed recipes and they all look so good.

Wish me luck everyone! Anyone else with ideas please feel free to let me know. A cook can never have too many recipes or ideas :o)_

madeinalaska said...

Hey there.. I have been away from my computer but, thought I would add my two cents.. I LOVE the recipe from vegan w/ a vengeance it can be found on line here..

I make the seitan basically following vegan w/ a vengeance recipe but, added some "chicken" spices 1tsp rosemary, thyme and sage, 1/4 tsp cumin and 1/2 tsp garlic powder

I must say that one out of ten times for what ever reason it ends up being a bit squishy. Putting in the fridge over night or freezing it helps firm it up a bit.

I freeze the left over tomato paste and have never used the lemon the recipe calls for.

hope that helps - good luck - don't give up.

Don't Get Mad, Get Vegan! said...

I gotta say, my new favorite seitan recipe is La Dolce Vegan's J Lo's Fried 'Chicken' recipe. (you could bake it and have equally scrumptious results).

It's easy in that you just mix the gluten and water together, knead, cut, and cook in the seasoning mixture for about an hour, then bake for 30 min if you want a chewier texture.

i then put it in the fridge with the seasoning liquid and take out a couple of pcs as needed throughout the week to fry or bake.

this stuff is crazy addictive.
lemme know if you can't get your hands on LDV or don't already own it.

best of luck!