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Friday, November 14, 2008

Frustration and I've Been Tagged

Me and the kitchen are having issues today. Well, not everything, but some. I made some wonderful English muffins and some super sausage, but when it came to bread today I fell flat. I make bread every week so when something terrible goes wrong I have a hard time understanding my stupidity. First I spent 2 hours making Dave's' killer bread from Everyday dish. Now I make this all the time as you can tell from my post here, but today all was well, until I realized I forgot the salt. Nasty! I think unsalted bread is for the birds and I mean that literally. The ducks love it. With that failure under my belt I went to plan B, which is another favorite of the family, My 7 or 9 grain. All was going well until it was time to take it from the pan. It stuck, I mean stuck. The pan was greased well, but still it wouldn't budge. I finally cut it out of the pan, which left us with a very ugly loaf of bread. Next get the camera and document the disasters so all of you can have your giggle of the day and the camera won't work. The batteries have been charging for 3 hours or more and still nothing. Thank goodness I was tagged or I would have nothing to write about. :o)

Well I have been tagged so here are 7 random things about me.

1. I brush my teeth for 2 minutes every morning and 4 minutes every night. I also floss every night before brushing.

2. I rarely chew on the left side of my mouth.

3. I like the taste and texture of raw mushrooms, but can't stand the smell or texture of cooked mushrooms. I really want to and am trying as hard as I can to get past my issues.

4. My second toe on both feet are longer than my big toe, in fact my second toe on my left foot is 5/8 of an inch longer than my big toe. Brandie, my daughter has the same kind of toes and so does our grandson! Yeah! Keep the long toe gene going.

5. When I hit 5' 3" I cried for days. I have blue eyes and loved being 5 foot 2 eyes of blue. Shoot now I am 5'4". Maybe when I get older I will shrink back to 5 foot 2 eyes of blue. :o)

6. I love lizard and snakes. People think that is weird since I am a girl. Right now I only have one snake named Zero. I have had her for about 12 years.

7. I have a phobia of dirty door handles. Especially when you walk out of a public restroom. I always open the door with a paper towel. Hey, some people don't wash there hands. Nasty!!

There you have it. 7 random things about me. I am sure there are many more, but after my frustrating day in the kitchen this is all I could muster up.

Have fun playing this game!
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Of course there is always a bright light at the end of a frustrating day and that is our grandson.
Isn't he a cutie? Ok, he does not have the Alfalfa look going on. That line is a branch from the haunted Halloween tree that was on the background of the photo shoot.


LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Hang in there with the kitchen woes!!

Love the facts - I'M LIKE YOU WITH #4 AND #7!!!! :-D

Cuuuute grandson.

aTxVegn said...

Ditto on #4 and #7. Down here we call those Texas toes. Jr. is so adorable!

Amy said...

Ugh, I hate days like that! I'm sure your next baking adventure will be a roaring success! Haha, and yeah, number 7 is a definite with me too! ICK!

Anonymous said...

Last week was a baking disaster for me too~ from start to finish!
I loved your facts~ I just got a new wireless bluetooth electric toothbrush, so I brush for exactly 3 minutes morning and night (it recommends 2 mins, but if you go past two and a half the little smiley face on the wireless timer actually winks at you! I'm very easily pleased!)
Your grandson is adorable :o)

yasmin said...

We all have those baking/cooking disasters from time to time, recently I was having problems with rice - I cooked it and it was still crunchy. But baking bread once a week, hats off. And I didn't know everyday dish had a recipe for Dave's killer bread. I'll have to check that out, I am a big fan.

Vegan_Noodle said...

That sucks about your bread!!! I used to be the same way about mushrooms... keep trying!

Jenni (aka Vegyogini) said...

Hopefully, today was less frustrating! Grandson is adorable and your 7 facts are fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the tag!
I did mine a couple of posts back (titled 'Knowing Me, Knowing You') if you really want to know strange factoids about me :o)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

He's so cute... and he's getting so big!

Haha I always wanted to be TALLER. Send your unwanted inches to me (I'm 5'5).

Anonymous said...

I love lizards too. And snails.
Sorry about the bread disaster, but I hear you.

Jen Treehugger said...

I NEVER open doors with my hands when I'm out - I always use my sleeves.
GREAT facts eyes of blue.

Rural Vegan said...

If it makes you feel any better, about 50% of my bread attempts could be called disastrous! Hang in there!

I used to have snakes too, I think they're fascinating.

Virginia said...

i awarded you an award on my blog! check it out!

Ruby Red said...

Haha, you picked great facts! I think they are so interesting! I have long toes too...and I am in this microbiology class where we learn about bacteria 4 days a week and I think it has made me an even bigger germophobe. Ditto on the bathroom door handles! And you are so cute for the 5 foot 2 eyes of blue thing. :)

I am so sorry about your bread fiasco. Sometimes it's just one of those days.