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Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Meatball Sub"

Ok, I am a very happy person and am going to be a very busy cook. I got my Vive la Vegan in the mail today. I have been visiting blogland and everyone has been making such wonderful recipes from Dreena's book. Whooo weeee

Ok, calm down Sheree' it is only Thursday. ;o) Below is a picture of my "meatball sub". I previously posted about the Vegan lunch box recipe for the Lentil and rice meatballs, which are a hit in this household. I know the picture is not the greatest, but it is taste that counts. I only had some sprouted wheat hot dog buns so they became the foundation for the subs. Leftover spaghetti sauce from the freezer and FYH mozzarella cheese was the topping.

I let the meatballs simmer in the sauce while I lightly toasted the buns. Once I put them together I put them under the broiler to have the cheese melt. Delicious! Served along side was a simple salad of mixed greens, baby spinach, grape tomatoes and dijon dressing. Yellow squash is a main stay right now in our house. This year it is as sweet as sugar!

FYI - The hotdog buns we buy are only 2 pts for the entire bun on WW. I think they are made by Alvarado. We can only find them in our Whole Food Market. There are 2 near our home. One of them has them fresh and the other has them in the freezer section. We usually buy 2 or 3 packages at a time so we don't run out. They are fantastic.


Anonymous said...

That looks so good!
I always get comments like that out in public from omni's -like "that salad looks so good" and I'm like- then why don't you ever eat them? LOL!
I was vegan for 3 years, and now I'm least for this year. We'll see next year about traveling the vegan highway again sometime!
Keep up the good work!

Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

hi veg-a-nut! i'm excited for you about getting vive le vegan! you'll love it! try out the earthy lentil soup & quinoa spring salad -- those are a couple of my favs.
for the coconut-banana muffins, i used unsweetened coconut and regular flour, though i'm sure ww pasty would be terrific also. hope you enjoy them! :o)

urban vegan said...

That sub looks SUBlime.

KariDyan said...

i gotta tell you, I just spent 30 minutes here, reading over your whole blog--no really, just this first page, all your food looks wonderful, and cool beans that your family is on board with you! my family gives it a good solid 90% effort! ;)

anyhow, just wanted to say hello! lookin' good over here.

Dori said...

Hi Sheree, you asked me about the vegan egg rolls. I found mine at an oriental food store. I am posting a paragraph written by a chef...

"Most of the egg roll wrappers found in grocery stores do contain eggs. But if you go to an Asian market (or some ethnic food specialty stores) you should be able to find egg roll wrappers that are egg-free. You may also find rice paper wrappers(used for spring rolls) or gyoza wrappers (used for dumplings) there as well and they are usually egg-free. FYI, on my site at in the Recipe Archive is a recipe for "Money Bags or Steamed Vegetable Dumplings" and in my e-cookbook "Eat Your Veggies" there is a recipe for vegan "Vegetable Spring Rolls" that may be of interest to you. Also if you are interested in buying pre-made egg rolls, I believe that the veggie egg rolls made by Health of Wealth are totally vegan. "

The meat ball sub looks delish. Although I have always thought they looked great, I have yet to make my own sub sandwich with some meetballs yet.