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Monday, February 25, 2008

Vegan Roast and its many uses

Hi ya all! I think, as a soon to be grandma, that I should begin today's post by showing off my grandbaby. Well, how about my beautiful daughter, Brandie, and her growing baby bump. This was taken a little over a week ago and after seeing her yesterday the baby is growing just fine. :o)

I finally had success in making a seitan roast. I used the recipe from Vegan Vittles. This roast is done stove top, by braising and turning every 30 minutes. It as a little time consuming, but was well worth it. I got the idea from Monica . Her roast has a really nice color. I am not sure why mine is so pale, but the taste was perfect. For the gravy the recipe says to puree the veggies that have been cooking along with the roast. I love it. It is orange due to the large amount of carrots. :o)

What you can do with leftover roast is fantastic. Here I took some of the roast, grated it on my box grater, the large grate, and then heated it up with some BBQ sauce. Served over baked potatoes with broccoli and corn. This was a perfect comfort meal. In fact, it was the best BBQ "beef" I ever had. :o)

Saturday was the first time I have had a "meat" sandwich in a very long time. I used lite vegan mayo, sliced roast, lettuce, tomatoes, on homemade bread. Boy was is delicious. I couldn't stop enjoying it!

My final use of the leftover roast made me a bit nervous. I was going to make "meatloaf" also from Vegan Vittles, which Monica made and looked so good, but knew I would be using all of my roast. I dare say I was a bit worried that if it did not turn out my lovely roast would be gone. I got hold of my emotions and ventured into the unknown. I also used some of my vegan sausage made from Julie's recipe and mixed both the roast and sausage together. The results? Fabulous! We added some country fried potatoes, using only 2 tsp. of olive oil and broccoli (my favorite veggie in the world).

I leave you with a cute picture of our Abby. She thinks playing in DH overnight bag was a hoot!


MeloMeals said...

Brandie looks great! You guys must be sooo excited.

I'm glad your roast worked out so well... You certainly got a HUGE bang for your buck with that one!

I really love broccoli too.

lately, one of my quick meals has been 16 oz frozen broccoli florets mixed with veg stock, hummus and roasted red pepper (and lots of garlic and sauted onions and black pepper..) just whizzed a bit with the hand blender. It makes a great, quick and healthy soup.

Anonymous said...

Brandie looks very cute!!

the food looks tasty!!

aTxVegn said...

You got good mileage out of your roast. I would have had to take a bite of at least one of those "meats," esp. with a side of broccoli!

Brandie looks great!

Amy said...

Awwww Abby is just gorgeous! It's funny how kitties like suitcases! Mine both love them.

That seitan looks yummy!

julie hasson said...

Brandie is positively glowing!

Your roast and meatloaf look wonderful Sheree. I wouldn't have thought to use the sausage in the meatloaf, but if sounds yummy. I think I might just have to give it a try with my meatloaf recipe.

Your kitty is adorable playing in the suitcase.

Rural Vegan said...

Wasn't that roast amazing? I've made it again since and also used the leftovers for sandwiches! Glad yours turned out as well as mine did. Abby is absolutely adorable! All of my cats are fascinated with suitcases too.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I am right there with you on loving broccoli above all else! And I’m really excited to try that seitan roast for myself now, since I have Vegan Vittles and haven’t used it in years.

Ooh, my dogs would just *love* Abby

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

From the photographs of Brandie and Abby, to the photographs of all those DELICIOUS meals (look how versatile that roast is, for meals - love it!), I'm THOROUGHLY enjoying this post (as I do with all your posts!)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I'm completely with you on the McDonalds thing. When we're on a road trip, I don't even like using their bathroom. It just makes me sad to see so many people in there supporting the so-called "restaurant".

Ruby Red said...

Your orange gravy is awesome! Any orange veggie gets an A+ in my gradebook. And that roast! With BBQ sauce! BBQ sauce! Girl, you are making me so jealous! Every meal you made out of the roast looks fabulous, and Abby is adorable as always.

urban vegan said...

What a cute l'il bump.

I actually love most of the recipes in VV--basic, but good. Finding a good seitan recipe is priceless, right?

And Abby--wow--look at those mischevious eyes!

VeganCowGirl said...

Love the photos of the seitan roast....and the kitty too!

Great blog - I am adding you to my blog roll.


Kumquat Peekapoo said...

Wow! I need to take leftovers lessons from you! Every evolution of that roast looks wonderful.

Melissa said...

congrats, soon-to-be grannie ;)

What a cute cat!!

Billy said...

Hi! I'm glad I came across your blog (via a comment you left on Vegan Linda's blog).

I've added you to my vegan blogroll.