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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vegan Mofo Day 7 Pancakes!!!


Can you feel that? Yes, it has cooled down. Thanks be to God! I am so wanting to enjoy some fall favorites and tuck away the summer goodies. Although it still feels like summer and the sky is a beautiful clear blue color I still wanted pancakes. After quick thought I came to the conclusion that the griddle would not create too much heat and meeting the needs of this craving was much more important.


For those of you who live in a blended family of vegans and omnivores you should get this book. Vegan Family Favorites is used over and over again in our home. My sweet omnivore husband enjoys many of the recipes in this book and trust me he can be a hard sell. Funny thing about my DH is that he will be the first to promote a healthy, animal friendly, vegan lifestyle, yet can't give up some of those old time favorites. On days like that this book becomes invaluable. Trust me and try it!


River said...

One must always satisfy one's craving for pancakes regardless of the weather! :P

Amey said...

ha ha, my boyfriend is the same way. If anyone challenges me about my diet, he can chime in with every eloquent and compelling argument to be vegan, and yet he himself continues to eat everything under the sun. Well, at least I have his support!

MeloMeals said...

Your pancakes look great.. I have two recipes in that book... wow.. haven't thought of that book forever..

The Winter Minestrone and The Good Stir Fry are mine!

Hannah said...

Oh what lovely golden brown pancakes... There's something about autumn and winter that seem to call for pancakes, don't you think? I think I see a Sunday pancake brunch coming on... ;)