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Friday, November 5, 2010

Vegan Mofo Day 5 Quick and easy taco anyone?


     Who took our lovely cool weather away? It is hotter than blazes here. Yesterday it was 101 and today well over 90! So much for warm porridge and yummy scramble tofu breakfast.  All that is wanted now is fresh fruit. With the heat still among us at dinner time, a quick and easy Mexican meal was on the menu, TACOS!  Simple, easy, and most of all tasty.

     Take some beans any kind works. We have used plain pinto, refried pinto, and even organic canned chili beans in a zesty sauce. All will work just fine and are heart healthy and vegan friendly. Add the veggies you love (for me I love carrots, shredded carrots, just a taste of sweetness) along with guacamole if you so wish and the perfect taco is prepared.

I hope that we get some cool weather pretty soon, after all it is November and I want to start baking!


Anonymous said...

Please send some of your warm weather east! We have been stuck in the 40s, and it's too early for that. :(

We haven't had tacos in a while. Summer, probably. Need to add them to the rotation.

Mihl said...

Wow, your weather! I am freezing here.

Those tacos look really wonderful, especially with those carrots on top.

Anonymous said...

Tacos! I am always in the mood for tacos - but oddly enough haven't made any in forever. Yours look great!